Relayer, Peter Maybury
Delighted that my 2008 film 'Relayer' has been added to MeIndex, a searchable online database with free access to key information and writing on experimental and visual arts-based moving image works by Irish artists.

'Relayer' is a 15 minute film artwork made for Tom dePaor's 'Delay', in which the subject views a screen in a darkened room, lit only indirectly by the light from the screen. The image is undramatic and largely unchanging. Watching the quiet absorption of the subject allows us space to imagine images suggested by the sounds. The soundtrack, a composite of many sources, is sometimes quiet, sometimes loud and visceral. We become engaged in mental images of the sounds original sources and locations, constructing narratives, relating it to the modulating light, only to be jolted from these images into other spaces as the audio switches from one environment to another.

The film was originally screened on a continuous loop within the 'Delay' armature, presented at The lives of spaces, Irish Pavilion, Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, 11th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, 2008

30.09.15 – 04.12.15
Tom dePaor, Peter Maybury
A film made at HDB, ETH campus, Hönggerberg, Zurich,
for the exhibition 'Book for architects'
curated by Fredi Fischli, Andri Gerber and Niels Olsen

Single-channel HD video and stereo sound
duration: 10'00
HDB: Tom dePaor, Peter Maybury

New Horizon: Chicago
New Horizon: Chicago
New Horizon: Chicago
New Horizon: Chicago

Make Ready
Make Ready

Photographs of Yvette Monahan's just published The time of dreaming the world awake
Yvette Monahan: The time of dreaming the world awake

New photographs of Redemption songs the publication to accompany Peter Monaghan's 2008 exhibition, Gormleys fine art, Dublin.
Peter Monaghan: Redemption songs

New images of Varvara Shavrova's The opera publication to accompany her timelapse projection and sound installation 'Across Chinese Cities' – Beijing/ Dashilar, an official collateral exhibition at the Arsenale, 14th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia / which opened on last week...
Varvara Shavrova: The opera

New images of Ciarán Murphy's A round now published to co-incide with the exhibition at Taymour Grahne Gallery, New York last December.
Ciarán Murphy: A round now

New images of The myth of the many in the one Kennedy Browne's publication from earlier this year have been added.
The myth of the many in the one

bi-lingual fold-out publication to accompany
Varvara Shavrova, THE OPERA
沙妩若 《戏》
timelapse projection and sound installation
Across Chinese Cities – Beijing/ Dashilar, an official collateral exhibition at the Arsenale, 14th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia / Fundamentals, 7 June – 23 November 2014
720 x 420 mm folding to 720 x 210 mm then concertina folding to 16pg. 90 x 210 mm, with poster on reverse
printed 4/4 onto 120grs UPM fine
run: 1,500
Printed by Impress printing works, Dublin
(pre-folded sheets shown)
Varvara Shavrova, The Opera
Varvara Shavrova, The Opera

Hand-folded copy of 'The Niland Collection' looks great!
ISBN 978 0 9567179 2 4

size: 165 mm x 245 mm portrait
Cover: 4 page half-cloth hardcover, white fake leather on spine and 2cm on front and back cover. greyboard 2mm
printed: 1/0 foil block BLACK GLOSS on spine and front cover endpapers: 2 x 4 pages printed 2/2 (front K + PMS 622, back PMS 622) onto 150 grs Munken Print white 1.5
inside: 20 pages printed 1/1 onto 120grs Popset Ivory, 96 pages printed 4/4 (CMYK) onto135grs Luxo art samt ( Furioso )
run: 1,000 copies

Printed by MM Artbook printing & repro
The Niland Collection

In preparation for next weeks presentation at the Ulster Festival some archival material has been rephotographed, including The bread and butter stone: on memory from 1997.
The bread and butter stone: on memory

New images of Dennis McNulty's 2011 publication Obscure flows boil underneath have finally been added.
Dennis McNulty, Obscure flows boil underneath

New images of Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) wayfinding system, completed October 2013.
IMMA wayfinding system

New images of False optimism, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, a group exhibition including works by Declan Clarke, Kitty Kraus and Dennis McNulty.
False optimism, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork

Sketches of universal history compiled from several authors by Sarah Pierce

'A state of neutral pleasure', the publication to accompany the Gerard Byrne survey show at Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2013
Gerard Byrne, A state of neutral pleasure

updates shortly including book designs for Gerard Byrne, Barbara Knezevic, Dennis McNulty, Sarah Pierce, Ben Rivers, group shows False Optimism and Changing States, and the recently completed wayfinding system designed for the Irish Museum of Modern Art.
Irish Museum of Modern Art wayfinding

Gestalt forms of Loch Ness
grid site sequence
Gerard Byrne
New images of Gestalt forms of Loch Ness added
Gestalt forms of Loch Ness

You melt words \ 5/8 rhythm here
video works by Peter Maybury
Two new video works to accompany track from Thread Pulls 12" "Youmeltwords \ 5/8 rhythm here"

The Trades club revival
Seamus Nolan
Publication to co-incide with Seamus Nolan's exhibition "Trades club 1111" at the Model, Sligo, 21 October - 25 November 2012.
The trades club revival

IKEA butter churn for Gneeveguilla
Gareth Kennedy
New images of 'IKEA butter churn for Gneeveguilla', a book made with Gareth Kennedy earlier this year.
IKEA butter churn for Gneeveguilla
New faith love song
Garrett Phelan
Images of 'New faith love song', the book which accompanied Garrett Phelan's exhibition at IMMA, 22 June – 23 September 2012
New faith love song
How to use fool's gold
Sarah Browne
A suite of images from 'How to use fool's gold', Sarah's book which accompanied her exhibition at IKON, Birmingham and CAG, Vancouver earlier this year.
How to use fool's gold
Alice Maher: Becoming
Irish Museum of Modern Art
More images here
Alice Maher Becoming
Thread Pulls, Youmeltwords \ 5/8 rhythm here
12" CF Records
edition 100 copies, no label vinyl, with 2 photographic prints, hand-numbered
Thread Pulls: You melt words

Thread Pulls: You melt words

Thread Pulls, Youmeltwords launch
The Joinery, Dublin, 2012
Production shot during the making of a video to accompany 12" launch at the Joinery, Dublin
Thread Pulls: You melt words

Look, no cows!
IMMA, 2012
“The Museum of Modern Art was also lucky that the designer of Look, No Cows, Peter Maybury, interpreted Siobhán's text with sensitivity and artistic flair. It is delightful to see how his design responds to her words.” www.childrensbooksireland.ie/
Look, No Cows, Siobhán Parkinson

Look, No Cows, Siobhán Parkinson

The book: history and practice
University College Dublin
Peter made a presentation entitled "948 pages" at the recent knowledge transfer workshop "The book: history and practice" at University College Dublin Humanities Institute, showing recent books The moderns, Images or shadows, and Of. The workshop included presentations by book historians, educators, calligraphers and designers.
IKEA butter churn for Gneeveguilla
Gareth Kennedy
Preview image of a new book for Gareth Kennedy to be launched 080312 in Gneeveguilla, Co. Kerry
IKEA butter churn for Gneeveguilla, Gareth Kennedy
website additions
New page by page views of Images or shadows, Gerard Byrne and Of a book by Tom dePaor Peter Maybury have been added. Of will be launched in Dublin 22.03.12
Of Tom dePaor Peter Maybury

ReThink + ReAct: PIVOT exhibition,
Filmbase, Dublin, 02-08.03.2012
10 books designed for the Douglas Hyde Gallery are included in this exhibition.
The reading room also includes a copy of Gall Editions Reservoir by Tom dePaor Peter Maybury.
PATMOS, The Douglas Hyde Gallery
Thread Pulls
The Joinery, Dublin, 05.2011
Extract from as yet untitled track. video: Stephen Quinn.
Noise blog voted Thread Pulls 'Best Live Performance: Irish for 2011.

Upcoming shows:
07/01/2012 Twisted Pepper, Dublin w/ Logikparty
12/01/2012 Eurosonic, Gronigen
14/01/2012 OT301, Amsterdam w/ Iceage
12/02/2012 Button Factory, Dublin w/ Tune-Yards
18/02/2012 Grand Social, Dublin w/ Errors + Remember Remember
30.09. - 02.10.2011
Studio is an exhibition of photographs of and from artists' studios, made or selected by the artists themselves.
An image of each artist's studio is accompanied by a view from the studio, a view placing the artist in a wider physical or conceptual context.

Artists: John Beattie, Karl Burke, Felicity Clear, Desperate Optimists (Joe Lawlor & Christine Molloy), Aleana Egan, Jason Ellis, Fergus Feehily, Richard Gorman, James Hanley, Hayashi Takahiko, Ronnie Hughes, Stephen Lawlor, Alice Maher, Fergus Martin, Peter Maybury, James McCreary, Paul McKinley, Dennis McNulty, Niall Naessans, Lars Nyberg, Margaret O'Brien, Gavin O 'Curry, Dermot Seymour, Corban Walker.
Venue/photo: Formwork studio by Architecture Republic.
Curated by John Graham. Studio blog.
Formwork, Studio
Thread pulls
Thread pulls back in Dublin to play their favourite venue the Joinery, Saturday 10 September, with the always brilliant European Sensoria Band, and what's more announced by "Probably the greatest gig poster ever" Thumped
Thread pulls, the Joinery
of de Blacam and Meagher
Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast
09.09.2011 - 29.10.11
Gerard Byrne
Images or shadows
Images or shadows, the publication published to accompany the exhibition 'Through the eyes: Gerard Byrne' at the Irish Museum of Modern Art is now available. 224pg. + covers printed 4/4 throughout onto 150grs Claro Bulk with 400grs Trucard cover matt laminated and spot gloss celloglazed.
Otabind, 230 x 260mm portrait. Photo courtesy Marcel Meesters
Gerard Byrne, Images or shadows
Thread pulls

Thread pulls are just back from shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg, and from recording their next release in Copenhagen at Jens Benz studio. This clip shows Nis doing a live mix as Gavin puts down trumpet parts, with Jens checking for distortion.
The moderns
"A thoroughly modern manifestation"
The Irish Times
The Moderns, Irish Museum of Modern Art

"THIS IS A HUGE BOOK. It weighs three kilos, looks beautiful and offers a rich pictorial history of modernist painting, sculpture, architecture, photography... The quality and number of illustrations are such that this book will long serve as a vital resource on informing us about the range of artistic activity during the period... This book makes the temporality of the exhibition visit permanent..." FINTAN CULLEN reviews The Moderns: The Arts in Ireland from the 1900s to the 1970s Irish Times 23 July 2011
Crawford Art Gallery
Gravity, Crawfor Art Gallery, Cork

Copies of Gravity have just arrived, the publication for the group exhibition at Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, which opened on 14 July. The book is printed in 8 page sections, with incremental increase in the paper weights. Conversely the front cover is heavy and the back cover is light. Printed by MM Artbook printing and repro.
Images or shadows
Gerard Byrne
Gerard Byrne, Images or shadows, Irish Museum of Modern Art

Press pull of cover for 'Images or shadows' due for delivery to the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin on 26 July for the opening of the Gerard Byrne exhibition 'Through the eyes'. The book, printed by MM Artbook printing and repro is 224pgs. + covers, 230 x 260mm portrait printed onto 150grs Claro bulk 1:1 + 400grs Trucard. The outside cover is matt laminated and spot gloss UV varnished. Photo courtesy Marcel Meesters.
Thread Pulls
Thread Pulls / Twinkranes

Thread Pulls have just completed a four date tour of Ireland playing double header shows in Belfast, Dublin, Galway and Cork alongside Twinkranes. Earlier in June we opened for Grinderman at Vicar Street in Dublin, and played two shows at Distortion festival in Copenhagen. We'll be heading back to Sweden and Denmark in August to play a couple of shows and to record our new record.
Furniture company, Dublin
AODH-The malty

AODH furniture company launched at the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), New York last week. This is a new project by Garrett O'Hagan, and the first line - The malt collection - was developed with chair designer Tom Kelley.

We photographed the entire line and produced a chapbook, photographic prints, postcards etc. for the exhibition.
There is a feature on AODH at www.coolhunting.com
Cannes 2011
Marie-Pierre Richard

Marie-Pierre Richard, who co-runs the design office, photographed earlier today at the Cannes film festival. Marie-Pierre is the director of the French Film Festival which takes place annually at the Irish Film Institute (IFI).
dePaor architects
4AM, dePaor architects

dePaor architects website is now on-line, designed by Peter Maybury from a template developed with David Donohoe.
Shown above Tom dePaor's 4am, designed at the invitation of curator Kazuyo Sejima for the International Pavilion, Venice, 12th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, 2010.
The Biennale Book Pavilion in the Stirling Pavilion included copies of Circlebook, made by Peter Maybury, Marie-Pierre Richard, Tom dePaor, and Reservoir, made by Maybury and dePaor about Temperance. Also included was a book made about dePaor's Irish Pavilion N3, and a set of the publication from the Irish Pavilion of de Blacam and Meagher. Copies of these are now catalogued and form part of the permanent collection at the Venice Biennale, archived here.

Vertical thoughts:
Morton Feldman and the visual arts
awarded a silver Bell in the 2011 Irish Institute of creative advertising and design (ICAD) awards
see archive of images of the book here:
Vertical Thoughts

Peter Maybury was awarded a silver Bell at the recent ICAD (Institute of creative advertising and design) awards ceremony at the Irish Museum of Modern Art last Thursday 21 April. This was the highest award in the 'Print design - books' category, alongside work by Atelier David Smith.
Peter previously entered work in both 1997 and 2008, and on each occasion received awards, gold and bronze in 1997, and bronze in 2008. This is his 4th ICAD award.

Vertical thoughts: Morton Feldman and the visual arts is an extensive book published to co-incide with the exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art 31 March - 27 June 2010. The exhibition was curated by Juan Manuel Bonet, and the book was edited by Seán Kissane. It was printed by MM artbook printing and repro.

The Institute of Creative Advertising & Design (ICAD) was founded in 1958. Their mission statement is "to foster, promote and reward creative excellence in Irish Advertising and Design".


of de Blacam and Meagher
Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork
of-Lews Glucksman Gallery
of-Lews Glucksman Gallery

Photographs of the latest configuration taken yesterday just prior to the opening.
Many thanks to Matt Packer for his careful overseeing of the installation.
Archive of the exhibition to date including further views from the Lewis Glucksman here.
Tom dePaor Peter Maybury
The Hunt Museum, Limerick
photographed 08.04.2011
Further information about Temperance here.
SAUL (School of Architecture, University of Limerick)
About landscape

The above poster/flyer is part of an intermittent and on-going series of announcements for the seminars and lectures series
present at SAUL. An archive of these has just been added here.
of de Blacam and Meagher
12th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia curated by Tom dePaor, Peter Maybury, Alice Casey, Cian Deegan
Ireland at Venice 2010

The exhibition at Chiesa San Gallo, Venice closed on 20 November 2010, and the show is currently touring Ireland.
Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane, (ended SU3 April), then Lewis Glucksman, Cork; Limerick City Gallery and Ormeau Baths Gallery.

Curators Tom dePaor and Peter Maybury presented the project in Dublin at the Curating Architecture symposium on FR25 March.
The exhibition featured on RTE's 'The View' on TU29 March. You can watch it on the RTE player until TU19 April 2011 (link opposite).
The exhibition opens at Lewis Glucksman Gallery, University College Cork on TH14 April.

More here
Ireland at Venice 2010
The Moderns
The arts in Ireland from the 1900s to the 1970s
The landmark The Moderns book for the Irish Museum of Modern Art is just finishing up at the binders.
Hardback with debossed linen cover and printed dustjacket,
inside 596pg. + endpapers, printed 4 colour process throughout
with 5 colour and gloss spot varnish on section titles.
1,040 copies will dispatch to Dublin tomorrow.
It was printed by MM artbook printing & repro and is fairly spectacular.
Extensive archive of images here
The Moderns
| photographed at the 29th Bienal de São Paulo
photographer unknown, but if it was you, thanks!